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We are here to help you achieve your goals

At Silver City CrossFit we understand the diverse needs of our members and realize that everyone is coming in at a different fitness starting point.

We are dedicated to meeting you where you are currently at and help you in your journey to reach your health & fitness goals.

Community is everything

It can be intimidating for some people to take that first step. Not a traditional gym. No machines, no mirrors, with people doing a variety of different types of exercises all working intensely.  We are a vibrant group of people from different walks of life, coming together, encouraging one another and having fun. From Elite athlete to just starting out, there is no judgement just hard work and great relationships.

How does it work?

Join the workout of the day (WoD) in the class schedule

Members can book online via their computer or smartphone to enroll in a class.

  • Each day’s workout is unique!
  • Classes are capped at 10-14 people
  • Class length is one hour

Every workout is led by a dedicated coach/trainer

The coach leads the class and makes sure you are always moving correctly and using the most correct form possible.

Our coaches are experienced, passionate, and approachable.

We have personal training take place in a fun supportive group setting.


Every workout of the day (WoD) has the following 5 parts:

The warm up – getting ready for the workout
Mobility work for proper movement  (joint and muscle health)
Skill/Strength. Technique work to improve on specific key movements
The WOD (workout of the day)
Cool down & self maintenance 

SILVER CITY CrossFit is excited to be able to offer our program to the Trail community

Find out how you can get started and achieve your fitness goals with Silver City CrossFit